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Unleash the Power of Your Unity XR Projects

Empower your AR/VR Unity applications with Remote Rendering.

Verified Solution Partner of Unity

XR Streaming for
Unity XR apps

Holo-Light is the first XR streaming company to join the Unity Verified Solution Partner Program (VSP). The ISAR SDK helps Unity's XR community to break the performance barriers of mobile AR/VR devices by outsourcing the rendering process to an on-premises server or the cloud.

The ISAR SDK & Unity Pro

Remote Rendering for Your Unity XR App

Verified Unity Solution

Holo-Light's XR streaming SDK is a verified and the recommended remote rendering solution for all Unity XR developers.

Streaming entire XR Apps

By integrating the ISAR SDK in your Unity project, the entire XR app is rendered on an external server and streamed to your XR device.

Unity Asset Store

The ISAR SDK will be available in the Unity asset store. The integration in your Unity XR project takes less than 20 minutes. 

Cloud & On-premises

Developers can stream their XR apps from the cloud or use an edge or on-premises server infrastructure.

About Unity

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About Holo-Light

Unleashing the Potential
of AR/VR with XR Streaming

Holo-Light is building the most powerful immersive streaming platform. We are creating a Streaming Platform for XR apps – empowering new and scalable AR/VR business cases.

What They're Saying

'We are very excited to extend our partnership with Unity and join the VSP program. With our XR streaming technology and our joint offering we are confident to help the Unity development community and enterprises all around the world in building better and more scalable XR apps.' Florian Haspinger, CEO at Holo-Light

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